Turn your exercise bike
training into a game!

Have fun doing exercises

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How it works

Place the sensors on your exercise bike
Launch a game on your tablet or phone
Set comfortable difficulty level on your bike
Interact with the game world pressing buttons and varying pedaling rate
Enjoy the game losing calories at the same time!

Playbike includes

Image module
Pedal motion sensor
Buttons on bike's handles
Games uploaded to AppStore and Google Play
specially created for PlayBike
Detailed instructions

Why Playbike is awesome

Playbike combines doing sports with playing games
play a game and at the same time do workout
Playbike is compatible with any type of exercise bike
Playbike makes you both healthier and happier!
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We are going to launch mass production of Playbike by the following steps:

May 2018

Financing the project via Kickstarter

June 2018

Final design of sensors and buttons

Jul-Sep 2018

Development of iOS and Android games suitable for Playbike

Sep-Oct 2018

Testing all the parts of the system together

Nov-Dec 2018

Mass production launch, Shipping

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We at the Kickstarter
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Join us on facebook

Our Story

We are a team of technical background specialists who enjoy both sports and applying new technology to real life problems. The idea to combine computer games and sports came to Dmitry when he was correcting his weight. It usually took a lot of time and effort to do exercises… So, why not to combine it with some funny activity? When he told about the idea his friends Maxim and Ivan they liked it very much and decided to try hard to make Playbike real. Thus, we started this wonderful project.

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Dmitry Nizhade-Gavgani
CEO of the project

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Maxim Belozerov
Electronics and radio engineering specialist

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Ivan Gorshkov
Computer science specialist

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